memory keeping

Memories in the Making

Good morning!

This weekend was pretty chilly here, so we spent most of it inside all cosy and warm.

I had the luxury of time to play with my new Project Life kit: Memories in the Making.

I love the Spring/Summer colour scheme, perfect for cheering up a cold, winters day. I love the font too, it’s playful, like the card collection.

I wasn’t going to wait for the sun to come out to create pages with this kit. I used some of the 4×4 cards with photos of a farm trip Henry and I went on. I thought the colours & the play day title were perfect for this page. I haven’t even stamped, journaled or embellished yet and I love it already.

I also used one of the monochrome pattern cards to enhance one of the simple 3 pocket pages, from Variety Pack 2. I love these pages as they’re great for “filler” photos in between pages. Or when you’ve forgotten about photos or activities you did, and have all your pages in date order.
I love how it goes perfectly with my Halloween page, using up my Seasonal Snapshot cards I had left.
 Again, I teamed a 6×4 title card with a couple of photos taken on a recent family day out. The black and red dots on the Good Times card go well with our coats.

I can’t wait to create more bright, happy pages using this card kit.

If you would like to find out more about Project Life please get in fontact. Alternatively, check out the products via my online shop

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