memory keeping


The phrase I hear the most from my Project Life clients is “I’m still on catch up”. Aren’t we all! It is difficult to record every moment of your or your child’s life. That’s why I always advise clients to scribble down as much as possible, or post on FaceBook, at least that way, when you do have the luxury of time to sit down and write on your journalling cards or stamp dates, titles, you aren’t relying on your memory. Which in my case is fast fading anyway!!

Here’s a stack of paper scribbles I have tucked in my Project Life box. I try to write down Henry’s sayings and latest achievement, however small, as it happens and come back to these scraps when I’m ready to write them on journalling cards.

 I’m still getting to grips with the appearance of my handwriting. I do prefer printed font instead, but with little time to faff over getting the card in the printer at the correct angle, I am starting to write more and not worry about the aesthetics too much. I am sure when I look back I will love reading them so much, I won’t even focus on my messy handwriting. Plus, it keeps it real and adds a personal you touch.

I used Memories In The Making Project Life kit in the example above, together with 6×8 kraft album and 6×8 photo pocket pages.  All of which can be found in the Project Life section of my online shop.



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