memory keeping

Project Life: Photos

Dad PLAt the weekend I visited my home town in Lancashire, where I held a Project Life Drop In class.  It was a bit quiet, so I got chance to sit down with my lovely Dad, who had popped in, and helped him make a start on his own PL album.  My school friend also popped by with her adorable son, and talking to them about Project Life made me aware that there was one common obstacle in the way for both of them – PHOTOS!

Yes, all my Project Life clients will agree (and the thousands of PLers across the globe too) that organising and printing photos is the hardest part of this Memory Keeping process.  With smart phones, iPads, laptops, etc there are literally hundreds of photos floating around in cyber space nowadays.  The difficulty lies not in accessing them, but in the time needed to go through them and select which ones you want to print.I always advise people to download the Snapfish mobile app, as it really couldn’t be any simpler.  The app lets you select photos from your photo album, FaceBook or Instagram account, and even gives you 50 FREE prints EACH month.  I also suggest starting Project Life from this current point in time, rather than trawling through old photos and trying to print in chronological order.  Project Life is such a flexible system, that you can swap photos and cards around as and when it pleases you.  There is no commitment to stick anything down, like in the old Scrap Booking days.  I am ALWAYS going back to pages and swapping cards and photos.  Once you get into the swing of ordering the photos, the rest is easy, as the card kits do all the work for you.  If you would like to get into Project Life head to my online shop, where you can buy everything you need to get started.



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