memory keeping

Memory Keeping with Project Life

This past month has been crazy busy. We moved home in early August, and this was no easy feat with a toddler and a three month old. Our new home was a renovation that started just before our youngest son was born, so you can imagine how exhausting our days (and nights) have been for the past few months.

Although the days have been long and and tiring, I have found snippets of time to do some Project Life pages. For me it’s therapy, and a form of ‘me’time , which is so precious these days. Creating pages makes me remember the good in the day. It makes all the emotional and physical exhaustion worthwhile, and I literally can’t help but smile when I’m putting photos of our precious memories into place.

I don’t have much time to journal (as you can imagine), so I keep a notebook by my bed to quickly write down anything that I want to remember from the day. I can come back to journal in my PL albums later.

At this moment in time the smaller 6×8 albums are proving my fave go to albums for quick pages. I still have a pile of photos for my larger 12×12 album but that can wait until I have more time.

All the pages in this post were created using the Good Vibes kit.

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