memory keeping

Love Life, Project Life

I was recently asked how I find time to do Project Life, as at the end of a busy day most of us wanna collapse in a heap on the sofa exhausted.

My Project Life sessions aren’t regular, I don’t see it as an additional task to do (on top of the long list of to do’s), but more an escape from the daily grind. Days when I feel overwhelmed with cleaning duties, or evenings after a tough day with the kids I go to my Project Life albums. Not intent on creating a page, I go to remind myself of the “good times”, the times I will look back with a smile when my memory has erased all the tough times. Usually from there I get all gooey and motivated to create more pages.

Your pages don’t have to be picture perfect, and there’s no rush to do them, it is called Project Life for a reason. By taking the chore mentality and replacing with a craft ‘therapy’ mindset, you’ll find that you start to enjoy that special time that you make for yourself. Not for the housework, the kids or your partner. For you, and your inner ‘craft goddess’ 😘

I used the All Year Long Card Kit by Project Life in the above pages, available to purchase via my online shop.

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