Card Making · Craft Therapy

You Matter

Earlier today I made this super simple little box using Around the Corner stamp set. I won this set at Onstage Local (well I won a different one & swapped it) and I was instantly drawn to this particular stamp. The saying is so simple yet has such a powerful message behind it. You Matter. Take a moment to digest that. You, yes you, Matter.

Three years ago I lost my beautiful, intelligent, sweet, funny cousin at the young age of 20 to mental illness. She was the mother of two beautiful young boys. Her suicide hit me hard, and I grieved on top of post natal depression and anxiety, which had hit an all time high after my second child, and a house renovation. I was burnt out. I had nothing left to give. Thankfully I had (and still have) such a supportive partner, who encouraged me to seek help, in a very kind and understanding way.

Me & my cousin, Lauren.

Crafting became my therapy. I was actually attending psychotherapy, where the counsellor actively encouraged me to craft. For the first time I felt my voice was being heard, and everything I had ever experienced in my life was bubbling to the surface. It was an extremely emotionally challenging time for me, and those around me.

My constant throughout was my crafting therapy. It helped ground my energy, focussing on the small paper project became a purpose that meant so much more than just making a card. The Stampin’ Up! Community became my Sisterhood, the relationships I formed became my support network, my go to for inspiration, and positive encouragement. I felt less alone as a stay at home Mum, and more of an empowered female boss creating my own business. I felt connected to other crafters locally and globally, and other business entrepreneurs, especially women and mamas.

Today crafting is still my therapy. It is my happy place where I create much more than pretty paper crafts, I create a life I love. I create a moment for me, a moment of pure bliss amidst the chaos of the modern world.

So the next time you feel you have to justify a little time out for yourself in the busy world that never stops. Remember to give yourself permission to stop, enjoy doing what you love because You Matter đź–¤

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