Father’s Day · Gift Box

Father’s Day Gift Boxes

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandpa’s & those who raise children in a Dad like fashion.

Did you make anything for this special day? I couldn’t resist creating some bespoke gift box for my boys’ Dad & ‘Bompa’ using the brand new products from Stampin’ Up!

Gift boxes are easy to make once you know how. So here’s how I made the one below;

I started by measuring the gift I wanted to package, in this case an on trend camping type mug. This measured just under 5″ so I knew the middle of my box needed to be 5″x5″. Now to calculate how to get that centre measurement you simply take the centre number away from whatever cardstock you are using. If it is a square box you make then use 12 x 12″ cardstock, in this case I used Whisper White card. So here’s the maths:

12″ – 5″ = 7″

7″ / 2 = 3.5″

The end number is what you will score your card at on all 4 sides. Once scored, cut in (see below) to create tabs.

You then glue the outer tabs to the inner tab, to form the base of your box. I strengthened this base with a piece of recycled cardboard.

For the lid I needed a little over 5″ in the centre, to ensure it fit over the base, and 1.5″ for the sides. You can make the sides as deep as you want, but I wanted the white of the base to show.

So here’s the maths to calculate how much DSP you need for the lid:

5″ + 1.5″(x2) = 8″

The end number is the size of the DSP you will need to cut. Once you have cut 8″ x 8″, you then score at 1.5″ on all four sides. Now as I mentioned you need it to be a smidgen bigger than 5″ in the centre so it fits, so I actually score at the end number MINUS 1mm & then cut up to create tabs and position over the base before gluing together. This way you ensure a snug fit.

Once you have your base and lid you the decorate to your heart’s desire. I decided to use some burlap (which I think I’ve hoarded for about 3 years!), bakers twine, and a bespoke tag using Lined Alphabet & Genuine Gems stamp set.

For a simpler gift box you can just use the new Mini Shipping Boxes, which come pre folded. and decorate using DSP and whatever you have in your scrap box.

See the supplies I have used for these projects below, simply click on any of them to go to my online shop.

Don’t forget to add June’s Host Code at checkout for a freebie at the end of the month.

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